Company Profile

The company focuses on consulting and oversight of security, safety management, risk management, integration and synergy.

In a world where the only certainty is uncertainty, when conditions and circumstances change rapidly while new threats emerge frequently, every organization must acquire abilities that will make the difference between failure and survival throught adaptation, initiative, success and further development.

In recognition of these needs the company offers unique capabilities to meet this chalnges. it offers rich experience, creativity, expertise in building readiness and providing effective response by analyzing threats and needs, defining operating methods and using innovative technologies.

Jossef Zivyon

Compnay Founder

Major (ret) – golani infantry brigade I.D.F
Bachelor of laws – LLB in law
Bachelor’s degree – B.A. in business administration
35 years of professional experience in the fields of security & safety.

Last Position
2013 – 2020 director of security and safety – “bank hapoalim” group in israel and around the world.
Over 10,000 employees, over 2 million customers, hundreds of sites, dozens of subordinate employees, hundreds of security guards, annual budgets in tens of millions.

Unique features, abilities & skills

Reliability, professionalism, strategic understanding, identifying needs and adapting effective integrated solutions, initiative, creativity, synergy, maximizing value for customers, excellence and performance culture.